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          Social Responsibility
          “Generating more benefits for shareholders, customers, employees, and society” is our vision, and “social reciprocation, social contributions and social services” are our compelling obligation and mission. We actively respond to the government’s call, joining hands with the government to invest in local communities, volunteer in charity activities, promote economic development, and benefit local people.


          We value social contributions and adhere to localization. With the employee localization policy put into practice, we give priority to supporting local employment by recruiting local employees. Moreover, localized procurement is upheld to stimulate the development of the local industrial chain, drive local economic development, and improve people’s livelihood.


          We value social contributions, extend care to disadvantaged groups in society, and engage in charity activities such as philanthropy and donation. We have established a charitable fund and make donation every year to ensure a better life for the local community.

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          Voluntary Services

          The company pays attention to serving the society and continues to carry out community services, blood donation, education support,  express sympathy and solicitude for the people living in hardship, and voluntary services. During the reporting period, we actively organized Party members and other employees to volunteer in blood donation, and visit essential employees who worked in scorching temperatures, organized employees to volunteer in the 2021 Voluntary Blood Donation of Huanshan Township, and visit the fire brigade in summer donated instant noodles, purified water and other supplies to surrounding pandemic prevention centers, and visited fire stations, police stations, and pandemic prevention volunteers on August 1 (Army Day).

          Joint Efforts to the COVID-19 Pandemic

          After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we attached considerable importance to the social responsibility of pandemic prevention, made every effort to protect our employees, ensured steady progress for all tasks, spared no efforts to promote the development, fought adamantly against the COVID-19 pandemic, and ensured resumption of work ahead of schedule and no infected cases throughout the year.

          In the face of the pandemic, we have enabled unified leadership and fulfilled our responsibilities; mobilizing publicity and prepared sufficient supplies; took targeted measures to ensure full preparation of supplies; guaranteed resumption of work in a steady manner; shared weal and woe with and supported each other.
          Leadership and Responsibilities
          Propaganda and Reserves
          Measures and Guarantees
          Step by Step
          Help Each Other

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